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Happy Mother’s Day from Molar Studio

Mother’s Day is tomorrow.

And a lot of us will be celebrating it with our loved ones, I’m sure of that. Be it your grandmother, mother, wife, sister, or any mothers that you know.

It is such an important day, and for us who are celebrating them, we have to figure out how could we thank the woman who gave us, our parents, or our siblings the gift of life. Or do the least that we could because we know we can’t repay them back no matter what we do. That’s for sure.

Although Molar Studio is solely focused on design, it doesn’t mean that we should dismiss Mother’s Day. Because it’s a fact that without them, we won’t be existing in this world.

So for Mother’s Day, whether you’re organizing something special for your mother, or you want to give your children some suggestions for their own mother – we have some great ideas to get you started.

  • Collect photos, pictures, postcards, and mementos of all mom’s favorite things and put them into a photo album or special box.
  • Make a book of all the things you have learned from your mom. They could be serious lessons, or not so serious – or maybe a collection of both.
  • Cut out heaps and heaps of heart shapes from a colored card, and on each one write something special that you love about your mom. Put them all into a decorated box and she can pull one out whenever she needs a boost.
  • Take her out for a movie but if it’s not possible, put on her favorite movie or a special one for you that reminds you of her and makes a batch of popcorn or her favorite finger food to eat while you watch the movie together.
  • There’s nothing more special to a mother than her family. Put together a photo album of your whole family, and have every person add their own special message. If you’re with the computer, you could make an online album to share.
  • Make a pile of vouchers that mom can redeem from you at any time. You might want to include things like one cooking-free night, a neck massage, or a bubble bath, and 30 minutes of peace and quiet!
  • Download all of mom’s favorite songs into a playlist, and create a great album cover telling her she’s the best mom in the world. Every time she listens to the playlist, she’ll think of you.
  • Pick a bunch of flowers from the garden and attach a homemade card. It really is the thought that counts and moms know exactly how much a thought means.

So choose one out of all these and make them happy tomorrow. Remember, it’s not really the gift, but it’s the thought that count. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get your mother some great gifts!

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