Accessories Men Should Own

Accessories are something that could take an outfit you’re wearing to a whole other level, sometimes from 0 to 100 in an instant, complementing your outfit and show that you’ve put proper thought and time to make yourself look good.

But sometimes the wrong accessories could destroy the whole look. And that may be the reason why some men are not comfortable with wearing accessories or jewellery. But still, give accessories a shot. With some good tips and tricks, every man could wear accessories right and look good.


The idea that bracelets are feminine is so ‘70s, and if you haven’t tried one before, start now. Bracelets have been one of the top men’s accessories for a few years now and will still be one in years to come.

But remember, choose bracelets that suit your personal style. Bracelets could cater to every style from the classic suits to street clothing. And always remember that it’s a subtle addition to your outfit, not a centrepiece of it.

For a formal suit and tie, get something metallic and luxurious, a silver chain or one with metallic details. Whilst for a more casual and comfy style, get something laid-back, leather anchor bracelet maybe, or a macramé bracelet in your favourite colour.

Tip: Stack thin cord bracelets and beaded bracelets on the same wrist for more effect. But don’t mix more than one big metal band and also, don’t wear matching bracelets on both wrists.


An accessory that truly would never go out of style, wristwatches. A form of self-expression, the watch on your wrist tells others about your lifestyle. You either have one high-quality watch that’s good for every occasion or have a few for variety and versatility with either casual or formal outfits.

Today’s watches have two major trends. The first and more common trend comes with simplistic and plain design. It usually very minimalistic and often have neutral colour. And the great thing about this trend is that it’s very versatile and could be paired up with casual outfits as well as classic suits and tie.

The second major trend at this moment is the precisely detailed skeleton watches. And presumably it’ll be more popular this year and making it more commonly seen on someone’s wrist. These watches look extremely luxurious and that might be a reason why you don’t want to pair this one up with worn out shorts and tees. However, with a smart casual outfit or a suit, this would bring in a lot of value.

Tip: As an accessory that’s always being paid attention to by other people, I recommend having at least two watches – a casual one for daily wear and a formal one for rare occasions.


Ring isn’t a cup of tea for every man out there. And many of us think that the only ring a man should put on is their wedding band. But as of late, things changed quite a bit and men start to realise that rings belong in the category of fashion accessories.

Rings have becoming more masculine for men these days, making it easier for men to express their style through them without looking effeminate. Be it the much subtler option or the massive rings, there are options for every style.

Tip: Remember, with rings, less is more. Don’t wear a ring on every finger because that’ll be too much, you’d be looking like Mandarin from Ironman’s classic comic. Just put on one, two, or three rings at the same time, not more than that.


Practical and timeless, initially created to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Though today sunglasses still protect our eyes like before, it’s also used as a statement piece to showcase one’s personal style. Some even own numerous pairs to match with every occasions, outfits and mood.

Sunglasses in an accessory that you should invest in, regardless of the season. But you don’t need to put a lot of money in them, but definitely take the time to find out the type that suit you best. The guide below will help you find out your preferred glasses style.

Some doesn’t like to use sunglasses, but even if you don’t you should definitely own a pair of classic and neutral coloured sunglasses, an aviators or wayfarers maybe. These glasses could easily be used anywhere no matter what the occasion is. If you’ve already own the basic ones, next is to experiment with colours and textures, maybe add mirror lenses to top up the look.

Tip: For a good pair of statement glasses, put on a clear, non-prescription glasses. A well-fitting pair that suits your face shape would complement your outfit and look tremendously. But if you need to wear a prescription one, make sure you get a pair that looks trendy.

Suit Accessories

Donning a classy, dapper suit is the big trend for men now. But simply wearing a suit won’t be enough, it needs accessorising. And to better complement your suit, get proper ties, bowties, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie clips and lapel pins. But if you’re just starting to wear suits, get the essentials first: a tie, pocket square, tie clip and cufflinks, and you could never go wrong with plain black. But if you’re already familiar with suit accessories, spark things up a little bit with extraordinary colours and materials.

Tip: When wearing suit accessories with patterns, never match a tie or bow tie with a pocket square. Colours can match, but the patterns don’t. That means you can safely wear plain, black suit accessories for example.

Keep The Essentials Neat

It’s no use of having a lot of trendy accessories if you don’t make sure that they’re all neat and in good shape. We’re almost halfway through this year, so if you haven’t, now is the perfect time to go through your essentials and see if they need renewal. Check on the bags you often use for work; do you need a new one? What about your belt, is it still in a nice shape? Is it appropriate for a formal and casual use? What about your wallet, still in good condition after all the wear? Does it still have enough room? Check upon all your accessories that you often use, replace everything that’s worn out and broken.

Notice how subtle accessories complement RDJ’s outfit.

If you’ve read everything above, now is the time for you to get up and go out, get yourself some accessories for your outfit. And remember to make sure that the accessories you’re getting suit your styles.


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